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Meaningful interactions about all customers financial needs

AI based platform to engage customers about saving, budget, insurance, investment, retirement, overdraft protection, loans, credit and all aspects of their financial life 

Custom data driven interactions

engaging customer about thei actual needs at the right time

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Customer insight module

Customer knowledge infered from transactions and interactions

By analyzing transactional data, Attila detects events and change in behaviour of customers and computes appetence scores and build a model for customers insight.

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Customized interactions 

Custom made interactions

Attila supports interactions about all financial needs across internet, mobile banking and social media channels. Custom interactions are triggered at the right time and about the right topic.

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Integrated sales and marketing

Predictive Marketing and sales platform for banking

A complete suite to use appetence scores, customer data and event to engage more sales discussions with customers, generate and nurture leads

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Predictive Models and AI

AI-first product capitalizing on success and failures to refine custom interactions

Attila AI and predictive modules build comprehensive understanding of customers based on their transactional data to modelize behaviours and needs for financial products.


It also draws on conversational capabilities in order to validate the insight it inferred from customer data.

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The company

our belief

Attila is built around the idea of stepping faster into the future of retail finance.
Future is extreme personalization and the use of technology to customize experiences and products. We’ve garnered talent, expertise and experience to help our customers get ahead

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Contact & demo request

169, 11th street San Francisco, California, USA


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